Thursday, April 26, 2012

Current Project Update

Here are a few photos of the sandstone/soapstone heater in progress.  More to come soon! 
Entire base-course complete showing 7" diameter air inlet in the far right and base-course flues. Red sandstone dominates the esterior finish stones.  The two square holes in the foreground are clean-out accesses into the flues.

Here the base course has been covered with 60mm thick soapstone bench slabs.  Notice the curved  shape to the back right stones and the foreground stones.  The big opening in hte foreground is for wood storage.  The red knob in the lower right is the control for opening the air-tight air intake.

Another view with bench tops in place.  Notice the steel column (covered in wood) in the upper right of the photo that  passes through the bench top.  The owner plans to lean against that columns while sitting on the heated bench with her legs up.  Lower left corner shows the 7" diameter air intake that will eventually be covered with an antique iron grate.

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